Dance is one of humanities most sacred rituals. Every culture on earth has some form of dance, an essential movement that connects us to the rhythms and vibrations from the world around us. Rhythmic movements that express ones beliefs, motivations, dreams, sorrows, surroundings, and spirit are amongst the most sacred moments any human can experience. So, what is it that makes dancing feel so good?

Technology has also made dance really cool. Nowadays I can just bring up an app on my phone and find dance studios near me easily and connect with other like-minded dancers. A lot of people are also merging technology with dance and are coming up with really dope stuff.

Scientists aren’t quite sure what exactly makes dancing so pleasurable but some things don’t need a scientific explanation. In my opinion dancing is part of being human, it’s a sacred connection to the world around us as well as the people around us. Through expressive movements we are able to bond and grow with others. Total strangers can become best friends in a mater of minutes, depression can become euphoria in the blink of an eye, and the overwhelming blur that is our daily life suddenly becomes so clear.

People often describe dancing as a spiritual experience. Personally I do not know how to dance but I have always dreamed of learning. The idea of being able to express my self accurately through precise and spontaneous movements has always captured my imagination. The problem with taking that first step to learn this essential skill is the pressure of choosing the perfect dance studio for my needs. There are thousands and thousands of dance styles and variations from all around the world, it is very important that when choosing your dance studio you choose a studio that offers your ideal dance style.

For me learning to dance Tango has always been at the top of my list. I have always dreamed of mastering that art but was unable to take that first step to learn. My problem was that I did not have enough confidence to commit 100% to the few tango studios that would show up on Google, I needed too look at all my options. I am self-conscious about my dancing and needed to make sure that the dance studio I chose would be the most comfortable place for me to learn. On Dance Life Map I was able to compare every dance studio in my area to make the most informed decision possible. It was only until I was able to compare all my options that I found the confidence to take that first step to learn. I am now a week into my training and I can say with confidence that I still can’t dance but I am getting better and I am now that much closer to realizing one of my life long dreams.