The Hottest Fashions From The Top 2017 Designers

Each year, millions keep their eyes on the latest in trends and styles to come from the best fashion designers from New York, London, and Paris. 2017 is no different with sustainability and comfort becoming key components in the newest styles to debut at fashion shows around the globe.

The Best In High End Designer Brands

While there are hundreds of styles and trends to choose from in this year’s offering from the very best designer clothing producers, some very recognizable names top that extensive list.

One name that instantly jumps out is that of Gucci, which has enjoyed a sort of a re-envisioning, since Italian designer Alessandro Michele took the reigns in 2015. Reviving Gucci for new generations, Mr. Michele has capitalized on his love for vintage style with a new spring collection. Crowd pleasers from his line at the 2017 New York Fashion Week were two-in-one loafer platforms, logo sweatshirts, and Elton shades.

Balenciaga designer Demna Gvasalia really dove into his love for fashion and his own unique style this year. As a newcomer to Balenciaga, last year’s fashions from Gvasalia were more subtle, paying homage to his predecessors more than exploring his own tastes. This year, the Balenciaga fashion guru added his own flavor to the company’s entry in ready to wear designer clothing brands. Asked to describe the new style, which incorporated liberal use of spandex and latex, Demna says he brought Balenciaga’s traditional couture style together with his own love for fetish wear. The result was some very alluring and provocative styles.

When speaking of this year’s best designer clothing, the shake up with Valentino can’t be forgotten. Breaking up the designing team, Maria Grazia Chiuri left Valentino in the capable hands of her former partner, Pierpaolo Piccioli, as she joined Dior. Working alone hasn’t dulled Piccioli’s talents in the slightest, however. Critics of high end designer brands reveled in the melding of eras observed in the latest Valentino styles. Also building on themes of nostalgia and vintage fashion trends, Pierpaolo presented outfits that melded some of the most romanticized eras in human history. Blending the Middle Ages with fashion trends of the Renaissance and the 80s with the 1930s, this latest collection from Valentino inspired critics with romance, fun, and a love of history.

This year, Balmain fashion designer Olivier Rousteing took ready to wear designer clothing brands to the next level by adorning regular T-shirts with gold chains and sequins and garnet beading. Olivier kept with that color palette of browns and golds throughout his collection, melding them in a variety of styles. Among the more popular offerings from Rousteing were mohair knits, suede miniskirts, sleeveless vest coats, long suede and snakeskin boots, and tie-dye T-shirts and dresses.
A side note on Rousteing’s latest fashion trends and the nod he has made toward the Seattle grunge genre of music, popular in the 90s. The Balmain fashion designer has always felt that the grunge movement was about more than just music. For Olivier, it also spoke to the gender fluid nature of many of its fans and that’s something he has tried to pay homage to with this year’s collection. Particularly noticeable with the tie-dye items, Rousteing makes every effort to defy the strict delineation between male and female.

Meanwhile Dolce & Gabbana recently used American royalty in the form of social media trendsetters to model their new line of fashion wear. This is especially fitting, because many outfits offered by the fashion house would give the wearer a feeling of regal beauty with styles suited to be worn at a regal banquet or a high society ball.

Among the famous models walking the runway for Dolce & Gabbana were Aimee Song, renowned blogger, fashionista Harley Viera-Newton, and real-life royal, Princess Olympia of Greece.

As for the styles, cat-print robes and patchwork denims shared the runway with sheer dresses and embroidered tuxedos. In keeping with the royal theme, the fashion house also adorned their impromptu models with gold crowns, decorated with sparkling jewels.

Givenchy designer Riccardo Tisci says his 2017 collection is inspired by the revitalized fight for gender equality he’s seen taking place in the United States and all over the world. He hopes his new collection portrays both the sensuality and the power of the 21st century woman. In trying to capture that theme, Tisci says he found a need to incorporate aspects of nature into his style, as well. That explains the agate-print dresses, slipped over tank tops, with designs that combined the earthy, fiery colors of red, orange, brown, and pink.

Adding to the collection were more formal outfits of sleek and slender pantsuits and dresses that ranged from solid colors to playful and fun polka dots and stripes.
More subdued than his previous collections, this year’s offering from Givenchy will appeal to those with more modest tastes.
Debuting a collection for Saint Laurent for his second time, Anthony Vaccarello gave into the trend in nostalgia by throwing back to the 80s with some of his styles. In particular, Vaccarello was a fan of a certain haute couture dress with big, billowy sleeves, because it was something that he felt fit perfectly with his image of the fashion house. Anthony says Saint Laurent always makes him think about parties and nightlife, so he wanted to pay homage to that, while also feeding his obsession with retro looks. For that, the Saint Laurent designer crafted figure-hugging evening wear, complete with black velvet and sparkling sequins and rhinestones. Other offerings embraced the shiny black leather of the 80s and the beloved diamond cable-knit sweater. Anthony’s goal with this retro glam look was to deliver a mix of romance and power, sensuality and strength, which is something he feels women’s fashions could do to embrace more fully.
Whatever your preferred style, 2017 has a vast array of styles to choose from, all of them trendy and sustainable through years of wear. Historical themes combine with feminism’s strongest ideals to provide styles of beauty, romance, power, and sensuality.